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By Darby G

Just wondering if someone was able to help me in regards to bringing an object in front of a fill, i have set the background colour to white and brought display order to front, fill still seems to stay over top of object.

Attached pic. gives an idea of what i am talking about.

Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
By Rogerdodge
Select the object then Edit> Display order> Bring to front.
if that doesn't work it may be a graphic override setting.
By Rogerdodge
Just to make sure it is the GO, go to view settings & set the GO to no overrides
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By LaszloNagy
Maybe the Object does not have a background fill and so nothing indicates that it is indeed in front of the Fill. The Bring to Front/Send to Back commands should work. You can also try to Send the Fill to the Back instead of Bringing the Object to the Front.