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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By bolliboll
I'd like to create a section view where the mesh (terrain) is visible and illustrates the terrain after my modifications, but where the surface of the pre-modified terrain is visible as a dotted line. Ideally i would also like to illustrate these changes in a map view.

I read in another thread that creating two copies, one before-mesh and one after-mesh, could be a way of doing it. If so, how do I administrate it? Currently I have my mesh connected to the basement floor. Where would I paste the mesh copy (the second mesh)? Sorry I'm not completely confident with layers and views yet.

And finally when I adjust the mesh, do I simply move lines and nodes?

Best regards
If you have the original terrain and the modified terrain you can copy both and do an Intersection 'Solid Element Operation', this will leave you with the difference in terrain. You could convert this to morph to make the SEO permanent. You could then modify the way the morph is displayed, for example with dotted line, transparant cut fill etc.
Thanks for the reply!

That sounds rather complicated. You say that I can copy both, how do I do that? Or rather, where do I paste?

There are two layers that seem to be named for the purpose, in the Norwegian version they are numbered 71 and 7111. Can I start out with two identical versions of the terrain mesh and then adjust one of them? Is it possible to copy in one layer and paste into another.

I realize I lack some of the fundamental understanding of how the program is built, but thanks for the patience.
Just copy them somewhere to the side, they will be gone once you turned the end result into the morph.

Personally I find 'drag a copy' faster than copy+paste.

Since the meshes will be gone, the layers don't really matter.

Generally a template will have a layer that is invisible in most layer combinations for keeping elements that are temporary and such.

Before diving in head first, I would recommend getting a few days of basic ArchiCAD training from an experienced tutor. You will be mucking about for many months by trying to find out things by yourself. At the very least follow the 4 or 5 training series that Graphisoft has available on Youtube.