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I'm baffled!

I thought it was possible to have a Graphic Override apply condtional formatting to a zone. But apparently it isn't.

I am working on a client-specific template which we want to use for their future projects. Since they utilize a specific set of standards I would like to create zone categories for each of the rooms/functions within the building. That way I can create a specific override for each of them, by which I will have a visual warning whenever any of the rooms doesn't meet its standard. I hoped to set this up using GO, but can't seem to find the variable with which to do this.

Since "The Dawn of Graphic Overrides" I have been an avid user of it. But this is a real bummer?!

Has anyone found a way to bypass this?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can override zone fill and such, but you may already have some general zone override in place messing up the settings. You might have to play a bit with the order of the override rules.

I might not have expressed myself clearly here.

What I would like to set up is a set of rules that whenever a specific zone's area is beneath a set threshold, the Graphic Override automatically changes its color. Suppose the stock area in a building needs to be 300m² and the shop area needs to be at least 1000m². I would like to set up a GO combination to change the display of the zones accordingly. So whenever during design/drafting I would change the shape/contour/size of a zone, the GO checks if I haven't made it smaller than needed.

For zones in Category "Stock area" it will test if the net area is at least 300m² -> True -> Zone Fill = Transparent / Text Color = Black -> False (less than 300m²) Zone Fill = 50% red / Text Color = Red
For zones in Category "Shop area" it will test if the net area is at least 1000m² -> True -> Zone Fill = Transparent / Text Color = Black -> False (less than 1000m²) Zone Fill = 50% red / Text Color = Red

Hope this clarifies what I am after.
You won't be able to that directly, however, with properties you would be able to do it.

If you create a custom property for these things, you can use that to drive the GO rule.

To flag the properties, you could either do it manually using a schedule or export that schedule to excel, set up a rule set there and import the excel back.

A different approach would be to code a zone stamp (or modify the one you are using) and just flag a parameter there to show something on the zone stamp (i.e. "voldoet/voldoet niet").