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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Aaron Bourgoin
I am looking to find an object fill motif that will simulate the behaviour of a line laid over a wall. I would like to create a Graphic Override to create Compliance Plans that show the fire Ratings of Assemblies. We’ve been drawing polylines over the walls to show their different required Fire Resistance Ratings, but this requires an additional layer and another set of graphic elements to manage.

I can’t use colour alone because our drawings are printed in Greyscale.

Attached is an illustration of what I’m trying to achieve.

Is it possible to create a fill motif that does this?
Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 4.56.05 PM.png
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By Steve Jepson
I need something like this too. Sometimes I can get buy with a wall .001" tall. and a transparent background with a fill pattern. However, I can't always draw the kind of wide line I would like to make this way.

I have even made some special surfaces for the wall but I still don't have the solution I would like.
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By Barry Kelly
Just thinking out loud here - I haven't tried this.

If your composite wall (won't work for simple walls) had a skin separator line in the centre then you could apply a symbolic line for the pattern you want to that separator line.
The question is can you then set up a graphic override to change just that centre skin separator?

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By sboydturner
I have had previously had success using the same method as Barry suggested but did not have a graphic override as I am happy for the fire rating to show on all plans

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By Aaron Bourgoin
I'm happy and grateful for the responses so far, but most of the walls that are rated have either a stud track or are made of concrete and masonry so they don't have a skin line that I could use.

I will try an experiment and split a masonry block in two (judo chop!) to see if that would work.

The question about symbol fills and motifs remains, though. The "fit to skin" option is a great thing, but the switch to turn it on reside solely at theBuilding Materials dialog box. We need to be able to activate it elsewhere in the program.

If anyone else has suggestions, they're all welcome. I think we could do a lot of things with fills and Gas if we could solve this.
By squall_tmo
I hope I understood your question, anyway once you use Barry's Method (composite on a wall) you Just need to explode that wall in the current view (Edit>Modify>Explode into the current view), because if I don't go wrong it is the only way to place a fill with radial deformation!