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By kzaremba
I'm trying to setup a AC<>Grass workflow. It would be great to have the possibility to push text from AC to Grass. Additional group recognition would be even better. I there any plan to develop similar functionalities ?
By kzaremba
Thanks, thats really good workaround. I haven't thought about it. However, in this case, I have only bunch of lines and text which I'd like to pass to Grass. It seems a tediuos task to replace them with GDL's. Or maybe there is some quick automatic way to make the text as the bunch of separate gdls. ?
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By leceta
sorry, my bad, i was talking about GH->ACH, but it seems that you want in the other sense, i mean, pass text from archicad to grasshopper...

do you need a live link? a dirty workaround would be to write a txt file with a custom GDL script, and then write it with grasshopper, but this probably will not be a sollution for you.

is this text related to some parameters of your archicad elements? I know that certain GDL types are able to read parameters from associated objects (like zone, or tags) but still quite limited, at least based in my own experience/knowledge...
By kzaremba
Yes, GDL's can read values form spaces that are quite cool.

In this case, however, input doesn't have any AC tool types. Anyway, this convinced me that only way is to dig in development stuff.. ehh.. Because I need to maintain the relation between txt and lines.

It would be good to have at least AC <> Grasshopper add-on connection open source... to make our life easier :P