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By Karol Lozinski
I've got this shape - image in attachment - and I try to somehow put it in ArchiCAD but everytime I fail miserably. It is supposed to be some kind of parametrical roof, and I'd like to have it dynamically - best case - as composite and if not - at least morph. I tried morph - but there's only mesh like thing. Like it can't bake. I tried roof but it's got to be single plane, tried Curtain Wall Boundary but also - planar curve is required, tried mesh - got some messed up results, shell extruded - planar and so in case of shell ruled. I have no idea how to achieve it.
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By leceta
not sure what you mean by "as composite"

If you want a live link, you should script a proper GDL object for NURBS geometry. This is the hard way.

If a live link is not a priority, you always can save it in a 3dm file, and open it directly in Archicad. But again, it will be imported as GDL object.

May you should think how this geometry is going to be constructed, in order to rationalize those double curvatures. Once rationalized in planar faces you should now pass them to ArchiCAD without problems, may as roof elements.

Triangularization is easy, planar quadrilateral faces are possible, but much more complex operation required. Kangaroo plugin is of great help for rationalization operations.
By Karol Lozinski
Thank you for quick reply! I understand the concept of rationalizing geometry and although it's very logical on the other hand I might want to use bended panels, so the final effect won't look so sharp. It will or at least - it should - look more smoothly and that's what I want to achieve. A smooth surface.

By saying "composite" I meant the ArchiCAD composites, so I can define several skins for the shape I create. It would be much easier to see in section all the skins that I need rather than single material as it would be in case of typical morph. I'd like to create a "thing" that would act similar to let's say morph, mesh or anything like that BUT where I can "attach" composite to it.
By Karol Lozinski
Also I got problem with "baking" morphs in ArchiCAD or solidifying them. I keep getting an error saying that object cannot be solidified. I even tried solidifying simple box making it from center box and then straight to Morph component. It's too late for me to check (my eyes are closing by itself right now) but can it be problem with units?
By Karol Lozinski
Ok, so one thing solved. As it turns out problem with baking and even viewing solids (morph and meshes) was caused by units. It looks that default Rhino scene setting "Big scene - millimeters" is a shot to the knee. I have to admit @leceta what he once told me - simply work in meters. Truly this plugin "likes" meters. Now it'd be great to find also so simple solution to the other problem and I'll be as happy as little kid on his birthday!
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By leceta
I cant figure out other way than "faking" your composite in Rhino, a merging the 3dm file into archicad (and again, you always can try to import it via connection plugin writing your own GDL object, but it will be less straight forward...)

remember here that the last update of AC21 permit to hotlink 3dm files to the model.
By Karol Lozinski
I encountered new problems. I need your help badly. So I tried doing what you said earlier, I tried rationalizing surface with kangaroo. I found this tutorial quite helpful.

Though I notice some differences. First of all in tutorial the grid from lunchbox covers only selected surface while in my case it cover all the space adequate to points in command PointsOn. And so it does all the rationalizing for all the unnecessary surface. How do I get rid of it? Have I made a mistake while creating such surface? I made it using curve -> boundary surface, then - using PointsOn - I modeled desired shape. Or maybe there's something else wrong.

Also there's this problem with planarizing itself. During the simulation my shape almost completely loses its shape, its curvature which is quite important. Is there a way to prevent such a behavior? I beg for help. :(
By Karol Lozinski
Leceta... I'm lost for words. My problem was probably not using mesh component. You've achieve exactly what I wanted and tried to achieve for past few days. I'm sooo happy! And Thank you sooo much! I owe you at least a few beers! I don't know what to say 'cause it's next post where you help me so much. Like some kind of guru. Thank you again! And if you could tell me whats the component between materials and morph settings Id very appreciate! I'm curious how did you manage to create multi-material morph with different thickness! You made it look so easy... Thank you again!