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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By methy
just wondering if it is possible to derive a 3d detail from a model where you could adjust the cutting planes of multiple elements at differing depths (even if it were just 3 to start with) different cutting plane depths in the same orientation without having to manually trim or rebuild the detail entirely seperately from the standard house model?

Image attached to show what im talking about
3d details (from model).jpg
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By Erwin Edel
You could try peeling away layers with hidden elements with higher priority building materials. Still a tedious process.

In the end it is just another still image. Just share your model, stuff the info in there :)
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By MrC
i can generate a similar image by adjusting the elements for length & height etc from a saved view. Adjustable multiple cutting planes would be a good wish.
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By methy
Hi MrC looks good
could you explain in a little more detail how you achieved that?
is that from a 3d document file and how do you adjust the lengths, were they adjusted before or after?
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By Steve Jepson