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Some dwg links i have keep breaking, i get a ? to be checked, and when I check it says the external project not accessible..., source file.....,bim/cloud.....

At certain times i can relink it, but somehow it keeps breaking.

all files are set o absolute.

AC20 on windows
By Lingwisyer
[s]Is your model on the server too? If not, it might be due to network drives not being assigned a drive letter and hence get assigned a generic letter from those available on connection meaning that the address of the linked drawings will change.[/s]

Refer to post above which is more likely the case

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Hello Lingwisyer

Yes the model is on the serve and I keep all the dwgs in the same main folder. It’s very weird, I have electrical plans that are linked and those work fine, just all of a sudden half of the mechanical don’t work.

I think I’ll have to re load all the plans, was trying to avoid that, if that even helps. Any other suggestions?

By Lingwisyer
Can't do a strike though of my last post... so I'll put this in a new one.

Given that it is only one file (or a few, not all) and all dwgs are on the same server, it might be that someone else is accessing that drawing. Archicad doesn't like it when xrefs are in use... I get around this by having an xref folder specific for Archicad that contains a duplicate of all used dwgs that I update as required. That fixes most conflicts except when said dwgs contain xrefs which themselves are in use in which case you get holes in your drawing... though this could be solved by setting the xrefs within the dwgs as relative and duplicating those as well.

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By Bruce
This problem would happen sometimes in AC16. The solution then was to refresh the status of all drawings in the drawing manager (using the button at the top). This would give the drawings a digital kick, and they’d behave again

Nothing seems to be working.

Looks like ill have to reload all the dwgs, since im a new at this, should they be "place an external drawing" or should i xref them?
Problem, solved

I have different layers for MEP, I decided to lock the layers, and there was the problem. Keep the layers of placed external drawings unlocked and they reload and update no problem.

I think this should get looked at, I had locked them as I did not want to move different layers from other eng.
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By Bruce
A good method for working with external dwgs is to place them into their own Worksheets. This way, they never get in the way of modelling, but can be trace & referenced into the plan when required.
Hi Bruce, I thought about that but can you place a workset in a floor pan in a view map? or just on a layout? I though those where as a trace only?
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By Bruce
You can create a view of the drawing in the worksheet, which can then be placed on the layout.

Alternatively (depending on what works best for your particular situation), you can place another drawing of the same dwg directly onto the layout.