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In ArchiCAD 20 the elevation is fine. If I select the mesh of the road it only "highlights" what is within the Elevation Range


In ArchiCAD 21 the Grids are extending down to the bottom level of the road mesh. Not happy :(

As for what AC21 has done to my Labels that use IFC data I will save for another post



I take it there is nothing I can do to fix this except make all my Views placed on the Layouts to be sized manually and not "Fit to Frame"
I had this problem with morphs in the past, the only way I could fix it was by setting the grid lines at a fixed height and offset to project zero. Annoying. This might not even work for you depending on how you've set up both sections and elevations.
Erwin Edel wrote:<snip> Your terrain, I assume, is a mesh? Because I had this problem with morphs extending below the section/elevation range only in the past.

Yeah it is a mesh with it's base set to zero
Hello Guys,

This seems to be a bug indeed. I have let the developers know, and we are working on it.
I have tried it with Morphs, and it appears even though parts of the Morph are out of range, they are still considered when calculating the Bounding Box for Grid Lines. I have checked it in earlier versions as well, and it seems to work faulty there as well, so this isn't a new thing in 21.

I have also tried with Meshes, but there wasn't any situation in which I could reproduce this. When selected, they won't show the parts that are out of range. There's either a setting in fuzzytnth3's project that I just can't find and causes this issue, or maybe after Migration it (or parts of it) was converted into a Morph? If you send me the file in a PM, I would be more than happy to look at it for you to see what it might be.

Anyhow, for Morphs the workaround in case of slopes (even though it won't be automatic) is to Set up a Custom distance for each Section/Elevation. You can do that if you select them in a Section/Elevation, and open their Settings. There was a bug that prevented you from using Custom Settings for a while, so you should install the Preview Update (5002) for this to work.

Grid Selection Settings in Sections.png
Grid Selection settings in Sections/Elevations