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As the "i" of BIM is strongly becoming the key to every ArchiCAD version, and many of advanced users involved in real construction projects, we, the users, need to manage more efficiently our "information" database.

Here there are some items to be managed very different than currently:

1. Index Numbers
2. Attribute manager
3. Material catalogue (not only for EcoDesigner Star).

I'm not talking about Property Manager, but Internal Database. We need to be able to produce high quality and performed construction models. Nowadays, to do that, we need to do many different roundtrips with such an effort that push away from other BIM authoring Software Solutions solving that issue more efficiently.

We hope you're working on that yet.

Best wishes for 2018!
Could you elaborate a bit more, what you had in mind, though?

My 2 cents:
I think that the material properties should be able to be extended, like the Property manager does it at an element level: I'm hoping for a "material-property manager", to assign custom fields at a material level.
Additional physical properties (e.g. moisture resistance), demolition codes (EWC), etc. are now going to the description field. A workaround, but it's very cumbersome to display them with custom labels and edit through interactive schedules.

What is also very important to me, that some properties (orientation, U-value) are already being calculated, but not accessible to the schedules.
It would be nice to have the U-value next to the thickness in the composite editor (excluding alpha_i and alpha_e of course). At the moment one needs to create a custom label, but I'm not sure how the calculated value can be passed onto the parent element as a Property.:(

Why cannot we schedule these fields (orientation, calculated U-value)?
Or can we? Do I miss something?