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Producing imagery with Archicad or 3rd party products; Surfaces; Lighting; Cameras; Artlantis/Cinema 4D/Maxwell etc.

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By PatHarding88
Good write-up, thanks for this.

I too have used most of these devices starting with Rift 1 Dev kit.
I usually just settle for BimX and Cardboard now as I prefer not to add expense to my workflow. I only do this for $1m jobs though as there's usually the added time of putting furniture in the house.

There are many wireless devices coming to market now which is pretty exciting. My boss just built a new office with a warehouse out the back (I'm going to request some walking space for AR/MR).

I'm currently working in unreal engine (which twinmotion uses) to produce my own VR user interface.

Datasmith by Epic(Unreal) is a CAD plugin that of course doesn't yet support ArchiCAD but I export .3dm (Rhino) into Datasmith/Unreal for a simpleish workflow.
By Marina
Hi Link,

That was a good read thanks for taking the time to write that blog post.
I am a 3D visualiser/ Interior designer that works for a design and construction company in Sydney.
Our team uses ArchiCAD for documentation and I use it to model and export into Lumion for still renders and flythroughs.

I am trying to take the next step into presenting VR to clients and as you know, there aren’t many compatible VR softwares compatible with ArchiCAD. I wonder if anybody out there has found a software that deliveres high quality materials equivalent to a Lumion render in VR that is ArchiCAD friendly.
By Nuge

you should try Enscape, It can deliver exactly what your looking for and more directly out of Archicad. the materials will be better in the next release and the ability to have proxy objects as well.

Check it out here

By Marina
Hi Nuge,

I actually got into contact with somebody from Enscape yesterday because I wanted to find out more.
unfortunately, presentation mode isn't a feature that's possible with ArchiCAD, where you can save views and teleport into certain areas yet. I want to be able to show the client a polished model with great material and lighting real time and I’m still on the hunt for a program that can do so with ArchiCAD.