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By Dave Brach
When in the layout book, why is it that, when I set the trace reference to another story level the "reset to default position" does not work? For instance if I have the second floor plan on a layout and set the first floor plan to show as trace reference, and reset to default position, the plans do not line up.
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By LaszloNagy
Could you post a screenshot of this?
I cannot reproduce this on the latest build of ARCHICAD 21.
Are you using ARCHICAD 21 or an earlier version? It might be a good idea to fill in your signature in your Profile with this data so it is easier for us to help you.
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By Dave Brach
hi Laszlo; attached is a sceenshot. This is what I do: place a second floor plan on a layout; set first floor plan to trace reference; go to Trace >reset to default position; and the two plans do not line up. By the way, my signature is always on, you don't see it?
Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 3.59.07 PM.png
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By LaszloNagy
Oh yeah, I can see your signature, I think I just did not see it while writing the reply (forum feature), and thought you do not have a signature.
About the issue: I do not really have any ideas about what could be causing this behavior. I wonder if you are on the latest update. And if not, if updating to it makes any difference.
Otherwise all I can do is to report it to GRAPHISOFT for investigation.
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By dkovacs
Hello Dave Brach and felcunha,

I have tried this myself, but it didn't do this for me. Could you send me your projects in a Private Message, so that I can try that myself, and see what might cause it? Please also send pictures/instructions about where should I look.