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Just curious since we've done our first company template with renovation status new instead of existing. We've always been using existing but when we do additions and start to use the renovation filters it gets confused.

So do you have separate templates for new and additions and how does it work for you?

When I use the renovation filters, I proceed as usual (without worrying about the details of the renovation filters) and when I have a little time or need I display one by one each filter of renovation and I gradually rank each element in the right filter (from a 3D view displaying all 3D elements including zones)
I just have the one template.

I draft completely new buildings as existing. Sometimes we go back to these projects and add new extensions and I'll have the filter set up from the start.

With renovation projects, I'll draft the existing building first, so by default this works fine too.

With some quick copying of cloned views it is very easy to set up sets of views for demolished and new status if needed.