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By LaszloNagy
A brand-new free 3-hour beginner course for #ARCHICAD has been recently released by GRAPHISOFT on their education site:
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By Lingwisyer
From the beginning I've meddled around till I broke the program to figure it out. Maybe I've been doing everything wrong... XD
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By MrScott
LaszloNagy wrote: Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:55 pm A brand-new free 3-hour beginner course for #ARCHICAD has been recently released by GRAPHISOFT on their education site:
I love the videos but when I try to login is says I need a MyArchicad Account, which I do. This was how I was able to download v22 and to get started. When I follow the message to login to MyArchicad account it says I don't have one. It is so nice to bookmark the spot where I left off and return right there, but I am unable to at this point. What's up with that?

I also noticed the Discover Archicad 22 New Features course option is empty. Will this be populated soon?
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By dkovacs
Hello MrScott,

You can only log in with your myARCHICAD account if it is a student account, so that might be why you can't log in.

But you don't actually need to log in to the site to access the international (english) courses, they are available without logging in. If you want to bookmark them, just save the link of the site as a bookmark in your browser.

The "Discover ARCHICAD 22 New Features" section was still in development, but we have just made it available, you should be able to see its contents now.

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By MrScott
That’s what I figured but since Incan Still access them I’m good.

Thanks for the update on the 22 link.

One additional question....

I have the USA version of 22 and had little trouble with the Beginner course. Accolades to all who produced it. Best intro course I have found anywhere!!! Awesome! Thank you all for listening to us and provide such a fantastic resource.

I am now ready to tackle the intermediate course. Since I have, and plan to implement Eric Bobrow’s Master Template for all my work. I would like to know a couple of things before I get started.

1) the intermediate course, like the beginner, says it is for the INT version. Since I am using the USA version will I hit any road blocks along the way? After launching the FIN plan, It appears I am missing a marker. If this missing file is because it comes with the INT version, is there a way to add it to my library?
2) the INT version uses Ground instead of 1st floor story’s like USA. Is this an issue or can I just make the adjustments while constructing the plan?
3) The Intermediate Course contains Favorites. Do any of these affect how information will be mapped to the story’s? If so, is it possible, before I start the course, to change the names of elements to reference to appropriate story or is this not an issue. Layers can be setup how I want them, and in Master Template, everything is already preset. Which leads into my final question....4)

4) I would like to try the lesson in my customized Master template so, when the lesson calls for me to create a worksheet or whatever, my plan was to just use one I would normally use in my template. The same would hold true to Project map, View Map, and Layout. Am I asking too much? I plan to look at the structure in the videos and apply similar to my plan Template but obviously in the Master Template format.

Thanks for the support.
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By Lingwisyer
MrScott wrote:for the INT version. Since I am using the USA version will I hit any road blocks along the way?

I just used equivalent objects and markers for those that were missing. Some of the menus have also changed since the videos were recorded, so you will have to find those yourself.

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By MrScott

Sorry for mixing posts here but I cannot find a similar thread on the ARCHICAD Intermediate Course. The Beginner Course was great. I gained a lot of confidence working through the lesson and have now started the Intermediate Course. After downloading the information I was very excited to jump in. Now that I have, I hit my first road block on video 5/84 (3:15) attempting to Magic Wand the Survey Lines (which are on the Trace reference). After selecting the Terrain Mesh, selecting it, and holding SpaceBar to click each contour lines (in the exact place as shown on the video) the large circle object gets selected and not the curved contour line going through it. Why is this happening and how can I deselect the unwanted points and have it follow the correct path?
(See attached image of my results

Terrain Mesh Issue.JPG
Terrain Mesh Issue.JPG (29.84 KiB) Viewed 5242 times
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By MrScott

Using v22 for this lesson has uncovered an apparent bug in v22. I've contacted my sales rep to report it. External Content | Xref DWG import was / is the culprit. The only way I found to resolve the issue was to not import Pen 6, which was the pen for the two circle on the Site plan. With out them it worked fine.
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By Lingwisyer
I find magic wanding lines to be a bit inconsistent. To get greater consistency I will usually toggle off any layers not required. In your case, I would turn off the vegetation/tree layer. You cannot always do this though, such as when things are on the same layer, or when it just decides that it has found the end of the line and should return to the start, in turn turning your wavy curb into a semi-circle... In these cases, I have found that shifting the position of the cursor within the desired area, or distance from the desired line, often changes the selection.