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park ki hyun wrote:When I checked the error, I noticed a NotEditeable error and turned on the layer. But how do you edit attribute information with editability?
First use ACAPI_Attribute_Get to load the layer attribute data. Set it to visible/unlocked as required and write the change back with ACAPI_Attribute_ModifyExt.
I want to develop a command to create a beam first and then click inside the trapezoidal outline to create a slab.
The big flow is conceived as follows.

0. Summarize the default data of the slab.
1. Click in the middle of the beam in the 2D window.
2. Get the click point and find the entire beam list and search for the nearest four beams close to the click point.
3. Find the point where the inner line of the nearest beam intersects the inner line of the syllable and form the four vertices of the outline of the slaughter.
4. Create a slab.

The question is, is it possible to create a slab by repeatedly clicking on a 2D window? How can I use the While statement to create a series of click point data and then press ESC (escape) to stop it from working anymore?
Assuming I have developed a Precast Concrete library called "Column1.gsm", I want to run an add-on command to read AutoCAD data, receive default data values, and automatically place object files on planes.
We think that it is possible to make a PC member similar to automatic generation of a general structure column.
1. Planar dimensions a and b are read as polylines.
2. Read the level of the current working and upper layers and then make a constant value at the upper layer level
    Enter the height of the PC column.
3. Enter the ID of the PC member.
1. "Column1.gsm" What is the command that gets the default value of the LibraryPart?
2. What is the command to find the EL of the current layer and the EL of the upper layer?
3. How do I access and modify the a, b, and addParms of the Column1 object?
4. Is it the same as the existing command (API_Elem_Create) to create the element?