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By stefan
When exporting a 2D symbolic object to IFC4 MVD Reference View, I get an error that the object is missing geometry in the Session Report:
"The following elements could not be exported due to missing geometry:
Not really unexpected but as a consequence the file cannot be read in Solibri anymore. I guess I should filter these elements from the export...

I'm using a translator which enforces BREP but when digging into the IFC, there is not representation included whatsoever for that object.

Maybe not an ARCHICAD problem, but good to know that Solibri struggles with the file.
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By dkovacs

As far as I know Solibri is a pretty "forgiving" Viewer, so if it can't open a project because of an error, that may be pretty corrupted. It can easily be the export.
If you know which elements cause this, could you send over a simplified project file (a PLA that only contains that element) to me in a PM, so that we can take a look and see if it is an ARCHICAD bug?
If you could also include which Translator you are using, and an IFC file that is already faulty, that would be very useful as well.

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By leceta
I recently have found that bimcollab zoom being more forgiving in regards of ifc reading capabilities. I have been creating geometry representation with ifcsphere and ifc revolved areas (Geometry Gym), which solibri couldn't, apparently, read, while bimcollab Zoom did.

I must admit, that Ii was surprised since I also had the idea of solibri model viewer being pretty capable...
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By stefan
I've had this issue with Symbols used for Lights. They had no 3D geometry and cause this error. I'm trying to recreate, but without success, alas.