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By agroni
Today I was simulating (in my head :roll: ) a situation where the owner or investor demands a specific IFC parameter for an element. As an example I will take a Skylight on a flat roof.

In the IFC4 Schema it should be mapped as IfcWindow TypeEnum LIGHTDOME. The Subtype "LIGHTDOME" in AC21 is currently not available to manually predefine or create a new mapping possibility for the skylight. Therefore the skylight can receive a mapping of just IfcWindow.

I just received a response from Graphisoft in this matter, that the option to extend the IFC Schema in Archicad21 is currently not foreseen and it is a future suggestion to be included. Since they did not mention AC22, I suppose it can arrive in AC23 or even later…

Has anyone any idea how to deal with such cases? Thankfully I was not confronted with it, but the only explanation to the investor would be that we are handicapped by our software and he has to accept the IfcWindow.