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I've had a few cases now where I've built up a complex shader in one of the channels. I then decide that I want to layer it with other shaders, but selecting 'Layer' as the shader deletes all shader content in that channel.

Can we have an option when picking 'Layer' (and 'Fusion'?) that it keeps the existing shader content and plugs it in as the first layer, rather than having to construct it all again?
I'd like a material editor like the one in 3ds Max. Being able to build a shader and use it in several objects and vise versa. Quite a few times I've built a new object with some channels in common with a few others and it's extremely time consuming to copy and check everything over.... If not being able to link a single shader with multiple objects, at least be able to copy and paste them.

I remember making a post about whether ArchiCAD had this ability last year. Guess I didn't make a wish about it...