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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By Tendenz
I'm having problems with ArchiCAD crashing when I try to open DWG files. My iOS is up to date, and I've tried several DWG files, so the problem is not a corrupt file. Could this just be an AutoCAD 2017 - AC21 issue?

Any was of opening the files in a different way? It's making my job very hard...
By Tendenz
Oh. And I've had the problem for about 2 months, tried reinstalling ArchiCAD, and I've had the same problem on two different iMacs.
I am not sure if AC21 can open an Autocad 2017 file.
The file format may be too new.
Save the DWG in an older format (you can get a free converter if you need to (DWGTrueview is one).

By Tendenz
Thanks! I'll try the converter, I don't have one. Weird how Graphisoft support couldn't help me with this...
Thanks! I'll try the converter, I don't have one. Weird how Graphisoft support couldn't help me with this...
I might not have helped you either.
I am just assuming that AC21 was released mid 2017 so its format would have been locked in much earlier.
So it might not have included the then latest 2017 DWG format.

By Tendenz
Uhm. I have Mac, so I can't use TrueView. AutoCAD claims I can choose DWG format when using the online AutoDesk, but I can't.

Anyone got a suggestion for a version converter for Mac?
By Tendenz
Found a converter. Tried saving as 2013 version, but ArchiCAD still crashes. No one else experiencing this??
Try to convert to 2010 or earlier, if it's just linework? Don't really see any 'progress' in displaying lines since AutoCAD14 or whatever?

Maybe someone included a very linework heavy block? I once had a file from a city planner who loved to use a tree symbol made up of hundreds of lines and planted hundreds of that tree. ArchiCAD did not like that file, it would open but it slowed everything to a crawl.

Or is it a 3D file? I once got sent all of Benidorm Spain region (in 3D surveyor lines) in some 300 MB or more file that I couldn't open in anything really due to the amount of data / 3D information to process.
Any chance you are using the Build 6000 preview update for AC21, which came out almost exactly 2 months ago? There is a problem with the DWG converter there. If you revert back to the 5021 build, it should work okay.