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By Tendenz
I'm having problems with ArchiCAD crashing when I try to open DWG files. My iOS is up to date, and I've tried several DWG files, so the problem is not a corrupt file. Could this just be an AutoCAD 2017 - AC21 issue?

Any was of opening the files in a different way? It's making my job very hard...
By Tendenz
Oh. And I've had the problem for about 2 months, tried reinstalling ArchiCAD, and I've had the same problem on two different iMacs.
I am not sure if AC21 can open an Autocad 2017 file.
The file format may be too new.
Save the DWG in an older format (you can get a free converter if you need to (DWGTrueview is one).

Tendenz wrote:Thanks! I'll try the converter, I don't have one. Weird how Graphisoft support couldn't help me with this...

I might not have helped you either.
I am just assuming that AC21 was released mid 2017 so its format would have been locked in much earlier.
So it might not have included the then latest 2017 DWG format.