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Hello dear friends.

I have a problem when I'm making rendering in Archicad 21 with the cinerender...when I have a glass material and behind that exists another glass, then I see a white result that I don´t know how to fix it...I'm trying to find the solution for days....if someone has an idea could be very useful...

Thank you in advance... :D ...I'm posting pictures where you can see the problem.
My guess is that your Ray Depth is not high enough. This governs how many bounces light makes, as well as how it penetrates transparent objects. 1 depth for each face. So generally, glass will need a Ray Depth of 2, one in and one out. In this case, you are viewing through up to three panes of glass, in this case you'll need a Ray Depth of at least 6 to see through your glass. You'll generally want more than that though to account for other reflections and general light defusal.

Options => General Options

Thank you very much for your answer!

I´m changing the adjustments of Ray threshold, Ray depth, and Reflection depth and I was trying different values of each one. In the Ray depth and reflection depth after one good value (around 8) if I increase the value I don´t have any diference (the maximum that I tried in both was 200). In the ray threshold is changing with values from 25 to black, about 25 to black and white and less than 25 white as you can see in the 3 pictures. Never a good result...really I don´t know what to do...
I´m using the default glass material but Is it possible to be the problem there?

Thank you in advance :-)
glass black and white.jpg
glass black.jpg
glass white.jpg
Ray treshold should be 0 or very close to that, or you will not see anything. It cuts off all light passing through after the theshold value. So 0 lets through all light, 15% cuts off light that falls below 15% strength.

Ray depth is about layers of transparancy. A single glass panel with thickness requires at least ray depth of 3 to see beyond it. Add 2 to that for every next panel of glass behind it.

I use something like 12 for a safe number. Reflection depth is about how far you see reflections on the glass. I keep this the same, as I find the glass to look dull otherwise.

For the same reason I just set treshold to 0. It is there to make renders go a bit quicker, however I don't find the increase in render time that big to go from 0,1 to 0. And 0 just looks a lot better, especially with chrome materials and the like.