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By gehairing
Hello forum,

I have an addon in 8 languages and an installer should do the installation of the addon in the correct folder on destination machine.

Is there a list of "addon" folder names in all languages ?

I know the name for French (Extensions) and English (Add-ons) but how can i find the other languages without have the Archicad versions in these languages ?


You can download all those versions from the below web page, install them and find out for yourself, It is probably the fastest and surest way:
I don't know. Maybe on the developer web page, but I am not a developer so I don't have access.
But by this time you could have downloaded and installed all of them and found out for sure. I considered that to be the fastest solution to your question.
Thank you.

I have started doing this :(
At my place it takes around 3 hours per download (slowish connection).
To make the full list of Add-on folder names for 10 languages it will take a few days in background of my other work. That's why i found it easier to ask for an existing list.
OK, sorry, I did not consider that.
I have 120 Mbps connection, so I assumed it should not take long.
But since no one else answered this question so far, it may still be your fastest option.
Here is the list:
Code: Select allAUS Add-Ons AUT Add-Ons BRA Extensões CHE Add-Ons CHI Add-Ons CZE Doplnky ArchiCADu DEN Add-Ons FIN ArchiCAD-laajennukset FRA Extensions GER Add-Ons GRE Add-Ons HUN Kiegészítök INT Add-Ons ITA Add-Ons JPN Add-Ons KOR 애드온 NED Add-Ons NOR Add-Ons NZE Add-Ons POL Dodatki POR Extensões RUS Расширения ArchiCAD SPA Extensiones ArchiCAD SWE Add-Ons TAI Add-Ons TUR Add-On'lar USA Add-Ons
Best, Akos