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By darwinland
I am having problems with a view. When rendering is all black. No happens with other views. I also tried to make the rendering with the presets options and still black. Camera in right place I can see in openGL.
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By Erwin Edel
Black render could mean you ran out of memory.

What size are you rendering in pixels (width x height) and which preset are you using?
By darwinland
4961X2500 pixels
My settings are for my personal settings for indoor that I have used many times.
I can render other views in the drawing but not this specific view.
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By Erwin Edel
Try at a lower resolution and with the 'outdoor daylight fast' physical render preset (one of the lowest settings that should render very quickly). This way you can rule out an issue with memory.

Could be that there are a lot of reflections or something else complex in that scene, compaired to the other scenes.
By darwinland
Finally the problem was the camera was located in the wall. I placed an initial camera and navigated in the view so the so the initial camera was clearly out of the wall but once I put a a camera in my view, then I saw the camera inside the wall. The bad thing is that even with the camera inside de wall you can still see in the OPENgl window, so that was what confuse me.