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I don’t think your hardware is ‘up to it’ corona uses intel AVX2 instruction set which did not exist in 2008 when your processor was released

sboydturner wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:41 am
I don’t think your hardware is ‘up to it’ corona uses intel AVX2 instruction set which did not exist in 2008 when your processor was released


Thank you, Scott.

Strange, because this processor is still for sale, it is very strange to orient the Corona to "fresh" processors only.

I wrote in support ( and on their official forum, but already second day they are not responding.

Mats_Knutsson wrote:
Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:42 pm
Playing with metallic surface. 2500 px wide, downsized to 1500. About 5 mins. Color correction in PS. I have to admit this is fun.

It really is fun.
I can't count the number of hours I've spent so far playing around with it and rendering old projects directly from inside ArchiCAD.

That's a nice shot. I see you've been trying out the displacement feature.
It's so easy with this renderer (if you've got good maps) to get good displacement even though the bump feature is pretty good on its own.
You all must be seeing something different than what I am seeing. I am not very impressed.
My first test with Corona. First image is what I could get from cinerender, and the second is from Corona. For cinerender I had to render many times and changing settings to get this, with Corona it was just one click, I just corected the chrome material. When materials for Corona will be available in some kind of library I am sure it will be even better.
corona test.jpg
Steve Jepson wrote:
Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:28 pm
You all must be seeing something different than what I am seeing. I am not very impressed.

Are you trolling, or trying to troll people here?
Like seriously, dude, what's your angle here, honestly?

Are you just not capable of seeing people complementing other people on their test renders without throwing in some snide remark or crapping all over them or the renderer?

We get it.
You don't like Corona.
You're not impressed.
You think Lumion is the bees knees and the best thing ever invented since sliced bread.
We get it, mate.
We got it the since the first time you commented when this ALPHA version was released and have been repeating it ever since.
If you're not aware, you're free to move on now.
Nobody's forcing you to like or comment on it - especially if you've already established you're not a fan.

We are, so can't we enjoy it without you making it seem like we're crap?
Is that okay with you?
Excellent result, Gorazd!

What I like about Corona is its ability to achieve depth...automatically...., as if it is in the DNA of the software. The other image looks lighter but flat, maybe it needs more adjustments.

The next thing which anyone can spot here is how light plays onto the material surfaces. Light can be soft (the sfumato technique), look at the ceiling, the soft blurry hues which change in the space and thus creating the sensation of depth and light can be harsh, too (the chiaroscuro technique), look at the contrast areas (combination of dark and light) that compliment the front edge of the kitchen desk. In the classical painters' world, the latter are called values. And these values are paid very special attention to as they contribute to the richness of an image which in its turn brings enjoyment to the viewer.

I guess that there are some other very few goodies left to be incorporated in AC, such as skatter, floor generator and maybe proxies (well, Corona is having proxies already, they shall have their materials library, too) and I think we'd be more than good to go. I am saying it here, because this is more for the AC devs rather than the CORONA guys.

Merry Chistmas, AC brothers, and a Happy New Year!
An impressive work for an alpha version. and speedy rendering

Some aspects like proxies would be more than urgent to improve, kowing how ArchiCAD deals badly (to some extent) with highpoly models.

There are also some shortcomings from the ArchiCAD side that had long been an issue for a fluid workflow.
- drag and drop to the texture icons (althoug the corona plugins has done great importing material without passing by the library import part)
- Texturing and Uv mapping is so not Graphicad in Archicad interface ( glad that corona gave some freedom from that side but stills) .
-Sometimes , the slowness of dialogue windows display and response is ,sometimes, killing the workflow .
-affecting the materials and surfaces through the paint surface ( is a pain in the neck). _it does not recognize multi-materials from gdl objects_which archimaterials for Cirgraph did.

That said, I work also on ArchiCAD for some vizualisations and I like the software. I'm happy to see an engine like Corona integrated to it .