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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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I expect we could build one up using the standard Archicad window tool, but I just thought that importing a detailed manufacturer’s file would be more accurate and authentic in terms of the details.
Possibly, but they won't be parametric objects.
For the small scale documentation (1:100 - 1:50) I would just use any object that does what you want (so long as it looks OK).
They will be adjustable and I don't think you will notice the detail at that size.
For large scale details, I would use the manufacturers details if need be.
I wouldn't be relying on getting large scale details directly from the model - I would use 2D drawings.
I might get the basic structure from the model, but frame and trim details I would create with 2D lines or get them straight from the manufacturer and do a bit of copy & paste.

I guess it all depends on what sort of documentation you are trying to produce.

I agree that keeping things parametric and out of the box allows you to use the strengths of ArchiCAD. I would not try to import a static 3D model for a window either. The standard library parts allow for a lot of extra settings like sills, reveal options, brick/masonry details etc. As pointed out by Barry, you are unlikely to notice detailed differences at 1:50 scale, which is the smallest scale we generally use for our model output. 1:5 details are just 2D and I would often import manufacturer 2D details for this part only.
Hello gabalco,

Based on the errors you described I would say there's a problem with the installed instance of your ARCHICAD 21 and/or you do not have administrator rights on your system (or the access rights are not properly set).

First I would completely uninstall ARCHICAD 21 with all of it's contents, and do a clean reinstall. After that (or even before) repair the disk permissions.

If that doesn't help, then the problem is deeper, and I think that you should contact your local GRAPHISOFT Technical Support Team for some hands-on assistance. In the meantime (as I understand) you can work this issue around by using ARCHICAD 22 and saving the project back to 21, or opening the IFC files on different computers and then moving the PLN files to yours.

As a general suggestion, I also agree with the others about that I prefer parametric objects. In most scales they display properly, and I usually just download the details from the vendor's website and use them in detail drawings only. If that's not quite your speed, I think BIMobject has a better selection of native ARCHICAD parametric doors and windows, of real products.

Stumbled upon this topic, as an acquaintance from the Dark Side of BIM wondered why do we need the IFC objects at all, and whether we can use them in ARCHICAD (implying that they can not?!?)

Simple drag and drop for the objects is all needed in 22, did not check the previous versions.

Will have to double check for the doors and windows... just dragging and dropping a door creates an OK plan with a piece of a wall, but just the empty opening in 3D.