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I've got the Project Reviewer ALMOST working, but something's not quite right. I'm trying to set it up so each of my clients has their own web space on my main website and can log-in with their own user name and password.

The first time I upload the DWF's with the Project Reviewer environment-- no problem when I go to this website and the Reviewer installs and I can view files I've just uploaded. Then I re-publish, without sending the Reviewer environment (because I thought you only had to do this once). The next time I log in, I am asked for the user name, and then the file "Reviewer.htm" is automatically looked for, not in the subdirectory I'm in, but in the main directory of the main website (i.e. not the client's sub-web). It's not there, of course, nor in any subdirectory I can find.

It's not clear how this whole process is *supposed* to work, and what file gets opened upon log-in. Any tips? TIA-
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By chad.lawson
<chuckle> I was scratching my head just now, as I have the same dilemna. :roll: I don't think that they coded the option without reviewer very well. It would be simple to make a reviewer.html and put it in the base folder of your website, that redirects to the reviewer location. . .however, I doubt that it will work this way. . . .I'm sure that you'd end up with all kinds of nifty dead links to wade through.

I'll let you know if I find anything out. In the meantime, the only workaround that I have found is to include the reviewer with EVERY upload. . .time consuming, but as long as you name your projects differently, and give them a different .html name for the job link. . things work great. . .aside from having to upload the reviewer every friggin time. . . :x

I thought everyone had forgotten about me. :wink:

A couple of things I've found.

1) It works better to give a client a URL with the name of the view set.html file rather than just a subdirectory. Such as

2) It appears that to avoid sending the reviewer each time, you need to reset the upload directory path after the first upload with the reviewer, to the next subdirectory down. So if the name of the view set is Web_set, the first time you send to, you end up with a subdirectory of client named NOW if you reset the path to THIS subdirectory, you don't need to resend the Reviewer.

At least this is what I've found to be the case and I'm not sure I'm really doing this correctly. Love to hear from someone who knows what they're doing.
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By gkmethy

Once you check the "Include Project Reviewer" option, you should leave it like that, otherwise the catalog file will be incorrect. Plus, -as Richard pointed out- the path is different if you publish without the Reviewer environment.

If Reviewer environment is turned off, then files will be saved to the target directory. If Reviewer environment is included, then the path is 'target directory/set name'.

What happens when you re-publish your full set is that:
- Reviewer files are checked and modified if it's needed. Existing, unmodified files are NOT replaced.
- Generated views are always uploaded.
- Files that did not change are NOT replaced.
The green checkmarks in the publish dialog do not necessarily mean that the file is saved again, it just reflects that the status of the file was checked and is OK.

When you just want to change some of the files or add a few files without regenerating all the views, select the "publish selected items" option at the bottom of publisher window.
Make sure that the "include project reviewer environment" box is still checked. Now, only the selected items will be uploaded/changed, and the reviewer catalog will be updated.


Thanks for clarifying this!

As it is right now, it appears the client can log onto a web set, review drawings and send comments directly during that session, but can't easily save comments back to that web file.

Ideally, what I would like to do is post the drawings for review by my client, who could log on, make comments, save, and then someone else could be able to log on later to make additional comments on that same file -- essentially having ONE central web-based file for client/contractor comments, which could be periodically updated by me.

Is this possible?
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By gkmethy
Dear Richard,

You have to provide your clients an FTP server account to be able to save their redlines.
When users view the published set, they access your web server via HTTP protocol. However, modifications can be uploaded only by using the FTP protocol. When clients hit the "Upload redline" button, they are asked for a FTP server account. They cannot use their web server account.


I appreciate the clarification. This seems like an unfortunate design flaw. Short of providing a server account for EACH client (not likely), how exactly was this web-based Reviewer process DESIGNED to work?

In other words, I'm trying to understand the vision of how GS thought this would be used in real life -- i.e. who's actually uploading/downloading/viewing, etc. and how this information is supposed to be transmitted back and forth.
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By chad.lawson
The workaround for this is pretty simple. You just need to have multiple FTP accounts for your client on your web site, tied to certain folders.

For example, create an FTP account for **CLIENT1** that is tied to\projects\**CLIENT1**, and an FTP account for **CLIENT2** that is tied to\projects\**CLIENT2**. This prevents CLIENT1 from viewing/modifying CLIENT2's projects, and vice versa.

To accomplish this, you might need to investigate your web hosting service. This is easily accomplished through Plesks CPanel services. If your current web host does not provide them, I'd suggest using (stateside).
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By chad.lawson
. . .Sorry for the double post. I set up a reviewer environment that I think is going to work pretty well.
You are more than welcome to take a look here
Hey Chad-

This is going to be awesome! Would you be willing to share where you found the forum software? I'm still looking into the multiple FTP account situation. I was setting up sub-webs (with individual passwords) through FrontPage, but this doesn't work. Thanks for being willing to show your website.