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By tiszalina

In IFC 2x3 Scheme theres an entity called " IfcLandTitle" . Although I can see it in the Ifc Manager that it exists, I cannot see it in my IFC file after exporting. My question is that what is the name of the property in Archicad which is mapped to IfcLandTitle? I've filled the ProjectInfo --> SiteID, and then I set the Data Conversion to ALL BIM DATA in the Translator, but I cant find anything. Is there any solution for that? Thank you for your help in advance !
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By dkovacs
Hello tiszalina,

I have looked through the available Entities in IFC, but haven't found such a thing. What I found though was an attribute (of the ifcSite Entity) called 'LandTitleNumber'.

Here's the definition I found about it on the Building Smart website:
LandTitleNumber: The land title number (designation of the site within a regional system).

It is not mapped to anything by ARCHICAD, but you can enter a value for it manually in the Project Manager if you wish to use it.

I hope this answers your question.

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