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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By Chris Grantham
I am stumbling through IFC data exchange with our consultants for the first time and while I have had no problems with our Structural Engineers, our MEP folks have noted a problem. Mainly the way objects are showing up in revit for 2D drawings. Basically every toilet, sink, door and window shows all the polygons (see attached image). I am by no means a Revit expert, but have suggested linking in our traditional dwg backgrounds to their Revit model for any 2D documentation that will be generated. Anyone have any thoughts on this or encountered it? I still have a ton of ifc info to wrap my mind around, so there may be something I am unaware of at the moment. Thanks!
Eagle Ranch Backgrounds.JPG
By Karl Griffith
I have had this kind of thing happen when exporting to ifc for a client engineer. Since they are just looking for a 3d reference model, they prefer me to export to Revit using the new add-on, which displays the model better for them.
By Chris Grantham
I was not aware that there was a new add-on for ArchiCAD to export to Revit, and I can't seem to find it. Can you point me in that direction?
By Chris Grantham
Unfortunately Link's add-on is really only for RFA RVT 3D conversion... doesn't really help with the 2D stuff.
Thanks though.
By Karl Griffith
Ok. I guess I would be unclear why you would use ifc to transfer 2d files, and not just transfer via dwg. In my case, the model is used for the 2d plans, elevations, sections, etc.
By Chris Grantham
I think I am still trying to figure out the workflow. My consultant is whining about having about to deal with an unfamiliar file format and how it makes their backgrounds appear. It adds another step, albeit a simple small step, for them.
By DGSketcher
When dealing with external consultants who only require 2D drawings I just export DWGs of the required views with their own layer combination and graphic overrides. I have a publisher set for this purpose. Note that I am exporting VIEWs not LAYOUT sheets to keep the DWG as clean as possible. I also send PDFs of the relevant layout so they can see the finished drawing for reference. It may not be BIM level X compliant but it gets the job done.
By Chris Grantham
We requested our MEP to model everything for coordination purposes (SLOWLY moving in the direction of true BIM but still a ways to go). I was just hopeful that the background generated by the IFC would be sufficient for any 2D documentation that would be required. I see now this is not the case.