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By Ilse J

I've got an question about the ARCHICAD API element Quantities.

In the API_WallQuantity you can choose:
- skinAThickness: Wall skin thickness on the reference line side
- skinBThickness: Wall skin thickness on the side opposite to the reference line

We need the thickness of the inside part( the load-bearing part/skin of the wall) to go further with...

But with the parameters above it really depends on where you reference line is in the wall...

So I was wondering if there is a parameter in the API that I can use that for example search for the building material of the inside skin and than give the thickness of that part. Or is there a general thickness I can link to that part of the wall...

I hope anyone has experience with this and can help us out.

thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Ilse J
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Hi Ilse,

I wrote you a short example code:
Code: Select allAPI_Attribute composite; BNZeroMemory (&composite, sizeof(API_Attribute)); composite.header.typeID = API_CompWallID; composite.header.index = element.wall.composite; GSErrCode err = ACAPI_Attribute_Get (&composite); if (err == NoError) { API_AttributeDefExt compDefs; BNZeroMemory (&compDefs, sizeof (API_AttributeDefExt)); err = ACAPI_Attribute_GetDefExt (API_CompWallID, composite.header.index, &compDefs); if (err == NoError) { // enumerate the parts for (short ii = 0; ii < composite.compWall.nComps; ++ii) { API_CWallComponent& part = (*compDefs.cwall_compItems)[ii]; part.buildingMaterial; /**< index of the building material */ part.fillThick; /**< absolute thickness of the component in m */ } // after you modified the thickness you can save it using ACAPI_Attribute_ModifyExt } ACAPI_DisposeAttrDefsHdlsExt (&compDefs); }
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me!

By Ilse J
Dear Tibor,

Thank you very much! We are going to try this one and if I have further question, I will contact you, thank you!

With kind regards,