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I have some issues with the german version of AC22 and the property test add-on.

The problem is that when a draw a basic wall, then select it and try test -> properties -> define string custom property for selected element ( none of the first three options work ! ) i get the error from the screenshot ( see below )

On the Archicad 22 INT version i do the same steps and the property is set to the element without any error.

I would be thankful if you could explain why this happens :)
Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 16.20.39.png

Each kind of property is available for only elements with a specific classifications.
In Property Manager if you select a Property, then you can check the list "Availability for Classifications".
Therefore an unclassified element cannot have properties. I bet your wall is unclassified and that causes the issue.

Property Test Add-On function tries to create a new property and makes it available for the classifications of the selected element. But if your element is unclassified, then the created property will be available for none and cannot be set for the selected element. The error code APIERR_BADPROPERTYFORELEMENT suggests this.