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I am trying to import custom point cloud into ArchiCAD from my Add-on.
To my surprising it is not possible to create/add 3D point to current Document from API.

I was searching how to do that with DGL objects, but no results.

Then I found several headers related to Point clouds creating and drawing (API Development Kit 22.3004\Support\Modules\PointCloud folder in dev sdk), which seem to be used by ArchiCAD's native point cloud importers.

I would like to use them as well, from my Add-on, but it's not possible at the moment, because static libs for linking are missing (PointCloud.LIB and PointCloudManager.LIB).

Therefore I've a question, if they are open for Add-on development and where I can find libs for specified headers above?

Also, the most important thing, is to draw these points. I hope this can be done by using following function from PointCloudUtils.hpp file:
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	// Draws a pointcloud into a NativeContext
	static	bool	Draw	(IPointCloud* pointCloud, NewDisplay::NativeContext& context,
							 const PC::Matrix* worldMatrix, const PC::Matrix* viewMatrix, const PC::Matrix* projMatrix,
							 Int32 viewPortLeft, Int32 viewPortTop, Int32 viewPortRight, Int32 viewPortBottom,
							 UInt32 clipRectLeft, UInt32 clipRectTop, UInt32 clipRectRight, UInt32 clipRectBottom,
							 float pointSize = 0.0f);

If I can access this functionality, where should I take the instance of NativeContext for drawing?
And is there any documentation, describing PointCloud and PointCloudManager modules?

Thanks, Valeria.