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By andybartos
Good morning-
My name is Andy Bartos and I am CAD administrator for Breslin Architects in Allentown, PA. I've just upgraded all users to AC22 and our office runs on a Mac platform, currently a mix of Sierra and High Sierra. I am currently working with a client who has requested dwgs and wants the model space and paper space in the same dwg file, and does not want the model space information to be exploded. I've saved all layouts to a publisher set and in my translator settings, under save options, I choose 'Save Layout into Model Space' and, since I can't explode complex archicad elements, I choose either 'Convert complex elements to blocks' or 'Convert objects to blocks'. When I open the dwg in AutoCad, my layouts in the paper space tab look pretty good but when I click over to model space, the plan has come in grouped, almost like a any part of it and you've selected the whole thing. Is there anyway to save the dwg so the objects, doors, windows, etc. stay as these are when opened in AutoCad? Thank you!
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By andybartos
And should have clarified.....not that the objects maintain their parameters, just that they remain grouped. The client doesn't want to deal with all the line segments that are created when items such as urinals and toilets are exploded. Thanks again.
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By eldhead
Archicad group views placed on layouts. If you place two views on one layout it will be two "models" in modelview. We explode the model(s) and tell the consult to hide layers they do not want to see.