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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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By Paul King
I have overlaid our ArchiCAD model with a structural engineers and hydraulic engineers model (converted to morphs from IFC files supplied then pasted into ArchiCAD, due to overwhelming differences in story heights, home stories for elements etc in the respective IFCs)

I have gone around the resulting model and used the markup tool from the 3D window (via a selection of markup tool 'attached views' from saved views that I set up with custom cutting planes) and highlighted a lot of clashes and items of concern. I have also identified more in section typesaved views

When I go to publish this information, I see that I can't publish the 3D views to DWF format, which would seem to make it impossible for project reviewer to work.

I presume this is due to the 3D views not being 2D line based

Without resorting to manually making hundreds of 3D document views (one for each clash) , how do I include the markup tool attached views in a publisher set intended for review by project reviewer?
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By Paul King
THanks Karl.

I agree that would be best - but I have been roped into an already well advanced modelling documentation process done by others, at the last minute, and where there has been no apparent awareness or interest in these things from anybody else involved - even the firm I am contracting to.
It is also very hard to convince engineers here in NZ to cooperate with more than cursory BIM model collaboration: they seem to think A) we should be working in Revit like them, and B) they are not being paid for proactive coordination, and that coordination is somehow all the architects responsibility, and unless we convince the client/project manager to pay engineers extra for their time, they will make no accomodation for architects in the way they work internally - which request would be political suicide for the architect.

Stone age mentalities in action!
By Karl Griffith
Understood - I am fortunate that my client engineering firm has a BIM Manager who is interested in learning how to work between Revit and ArchiCAD.

Relative to your problem, what I do is just take screen shots and paste them in an email (or multiple emails). Mark ups could also be done by exporting to ifc and marking up in Tekla BIMsight (free) or similar software. If the engineers were willing they could import the markup ups and review on the model with BIMsight, but I'm sure they would not be willing (I never got that far either).

Like there in NZ here in USA (or at least New York State), everyone thinks that if they are using Revit, they are doing BIM. But odds are, they are not.