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By poco2013
Is there a method in the API to move info from properties to the project info fields. Getting the property values is fairly straight forward.

But I tried to fill in the info field 'notes' using the supplied example:

API_ProjectNoteInfo noteInfo;
ACAPI_Environment (APIEnv_GetProjectNotesID, &noteInfo, nullptr);
CHCopyC ("John Miller", noteInfo.notes);
ACAPI_Environment (APIEnv_ChangeProjectNotesID, &noteInfo, nullptr);

Doesn't work??

using version 22 on mac
By el_flamenco
Is there a way to access and add to the categories used in this UI using the API? I didn't find anything in the docs so far.
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By ReignBough
You can get them through APIEnv_GetProjectNotesID and modify them through APIEnv_ChangeProjectNotesID.

You can also use ACAPI_Goodies(APIAny_SetAnAutoTextID) and ACAPI_Goodies(APIAny_GetAutoTextsID). You can find the list of autotext here, just remove "<" and ">".