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By vinitagomes
I am trying to find a way to colour in floor plans created in Archicad (21?) I received a PDF in which I opened in illustrator as "apparently" Illustrator converts the PDF into lines/strokes/shapes automatically. It does but it creates many layers of very small lines that are made to create a shape but the points are not joined. eg. a circle (representative of a table) produces 80 straight lines... It's like Archicad does not export curved lines or Illustrator doesn't convert circles properly?! Does anyone have a fix for this?!
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By Erwin Edel
3D shapes that are shown in elevation or section will be made up of line segmens as it is a polygon model being shown.

Floor plan should mostly have circles with 2D symbolic items.

You could ask for a DWG export, which I would assume imports fine in illustrator too, to see if there is any difference. True circles / polylines will export fine to DWG too.