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Discussions about using GRAPHISOFT's tools (API DevKit) for independent software developers

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This would be huge!
Very few people with architecture education coming from universities know how to write C/C++ very well but python is widely used in the design industry and way easier to learn. By making the API accesible with python code it woul allow a lot more people and practices to creatively explore whats possible with ArchiCAD without the limitations of the partial systems(like GDL). The grashopper connection is a really good step in this direction but i would like to have an easy accesible way to pull data out of ArchiCAD, do whatever i want with it and play it back into the program.
I have experience in using the C ++ interpreter for automation ARCHICAD in add-ons from 2014 year.
I would be very happy if this experience was useful to use it in the forming ideas for python plugin development.