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By GabrielG
I have an IFC file from the SE that will open fine in AC, but will not hotlink correctly. What am I doing wrong? All I see when hotlinked is the survey point object.
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By dkovacs

Maybe the project in the IFC file is far from the origin (from the survey point). In that case the survey point is placed at your origin, and the project is actually really far away in one direction.

Turn on all layers, do a 'Fit in Window' (double-click the middle mouse button), and select all. If this is the case, then after these steps you should be zoomed out really far, and there should be 2 groups of selections (one should be the object at the origin and the other should be the project elements).

The same file should open the same way in ARCHICAD, as the Hotlink. Merge could provide a different result. Are you sure in the other case you 'open' the file, and not 'merge' it?