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By David Collins
I'm exporting Archicad PLN drawings as DWGs and some of the line types aren't coming through correctly. I need to specify substitute Autocad linetypes for conversion in the translator.

Can someone please suggest default autoCAD linetype substitutes for the following ArchiCAD linetypes: "zigzag" and "X". I'm using Autodesk DWG TrueView to test the DWG output, but Autocad itself is a mystery to me.

Also: TrueView complains that it can't find a SHX file for the DWG file. I suspect this has something to do with missing line types?
I just spent most of the weekend trying to solve my DWG linetype problem. I couldn't figure out why some exported DWGs had no problem with line types while others did.

For what its worth, it was the Greek, stupid: Any drawing layout with a Greek title produced a SHX file with a scrambled title, which TrueView couldn't understand or find. This also explains why none of the Archi-Talkers could figure out what the heck my problem was.

In general these kinds of language problems are new in Windows 10. They seem to have changed the way non-English alphabets are handled and there are still a lot of issues. PDF or DOC Files with Greek names created in older versions of Windows will sometimes fail to open in WIN 10.
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