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By PrendosJoe
Hi all,

I'm trying to create a wall schedule with a custom text field I can add additional information in. The file contains 3 building hotlinks.

I've imported a schedule from a previous project that works fine, however for some reason the custom text field isn't editable and the information says 'Element's are locked'.

No layers are locked, grouping is suspended & all layers are on. Could it be because the walls I'm trying to schedule are part of the hotlink, and if so how can I solve this? Hopefully helpful image attached.

Many thanks!
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By Barry Kelly
I am not sure about the hotlink side of things but if you have opened your schedule from a view, then that view's settings will set the layer combination, which may be turning the layer off.
So you may have all layers on in the plan, but when you click on the view to open the schedule, it will reset the layers.
Check the view settings or open the schedule from the Project Map and not the View Map.

If that doesn't work then it could well be that it is part of a hotlink.
Hotlinks are not editable except at the source of the hotlink.
I have never tried custom text in a schedule with hotlinks so I can't really say for sure.

By PrendosJoe
Thanks for the reply Barry,

I've opened the schedule through the project map, not the view map. Just to check I started in a plan with all layers on & unlocked & opened the schedule through the project map again but the custom field still isn't editable.

I had assumed that the 'custom text' fields were unlinked fields that could just be filled out in a schedule, it's extremely frustrating that this isn't the case & makes working with schedules & hotlinks pretty unusable in this regard.

All I'm trying to do is create a wall schedule with the 2D plan preview of each of the composites used, with a custom text box for each composite with a description of the build-up with framing spacings, insulation types & values, construction notes etc. I know this could be achieved by renaming all of the building materials or composites, but this adds a lot of extra text & would require duplicating building materials/ composites for every slight difference. Very frustrating!
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By Barry Kelly
Instead of custom text fields in the schedule, try custom properties in the wall.
You need to give the wall a Classification (of "Wall").
Then you can create custom properties for the info you need.
Assign these properties to the 'Wall' classification and each of your walls will now have the custom properties available.
You can then schedule these as well.

Being hotlinks I think you will still need to set these custom properties in the hotlink file as hotlinks cna't be edited once placed - only the original can be altered.

By B Good
I have also this problem. Have unlocked all layers and used edit- unlock all in plan 3D etc

The doors are schedule using an Identitu fiels - see second image.

This only effects a few doors - very frustrating

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By Barry Kelly
The layer may be unlocked but the element itself may still be locked.

Have a look at these post by myself and James to see if that helps.