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I have a slab imported from an IFC file, and this is now an object that I can't split as a normal slab. I need to split the slab in resonable sections for cast in place purpose. First I need to split the slab in say 3 section, and then detail the construction joints with extra reinforcement and joint seals.
As it is now an object, I'm not able to use the split tool, is there any way to get around this?

Best regards

File can be found here: ... t.pln?dl=0
You can convert it into a morph and then split it.

Hi Barry,

Thank's for your quick respons. Unfortunately when converting to a Morph, then the geometry changes, if you look at the slab, there is a couple of box-outs under, they disappear when converting to a morph. I'm surprised if there are no way to modify an object other than to converting into morph?

Best regards
Hi again Barry,

Strange, when I just now tried to convert to morph, then all geometry stayed the same, before in the complete model, the slab changed geometry when converting to a morph.

I will play around some more with converting to morph on the complete model.

Thanks and have a fine day onwards.
Best regards