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I have created a Terrainmodel in another application that I want to import into ArchiCAD. I seem to import the Sketchup correctly and also the IFC. However it is not possible to edit the terrain.

After googling and searching the forum and speaking with some users it seems impossible to import a finished Terrain-model into ArchiCAD without generating the terrain all over again with some plugin?

My goal is to deliver finished IFC-files for ArchiCAD-users so they will be able to edit the terrain and remove buildings.

For the IFC file I have IfcSite, IfcBuilding, IfcWalls, IfcRoof and they are all displayed nicely in the 3D-view.
In the IFC Translators Dialog there is a setting that controls how IFC Site geometry is converted. You can convert them to either Morphs or Objects. I suspect you are using a Translator that converts the IFC Site to a GDL Object. You should use one which converts it to a Morph. Unfortunately, there is no setting that would convert the IFC Site to a Mesh element in ARCHICAD.