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The problem with AC is not easy to create steel structure details although It is of course not 100% impossible. Thus, I can import IFC model from Tekla Structure for steel structure details. In this case, I think I can use IFC model from Tekla without remodeling steel structure in AC. I can preserve original AC models for steel column and beams using different layers from IFC Tekla or can delete them if the problem with files size occurs to use.

However, What about concrete structure? How can I use IFC file from Tekla for reinforced concrete structure in AC? When we create initial AC model, we create slabs and walls with composite, so RC walls or slabs are associated with finish materials in AC. which means I cannot delete RC structure only to replace them with concrete structure model created from Tekla. Is there any way to use concrete structure IFC model from Tekla?
'de-composite' modelling is a curse of BIM in the field.

Either you keep your end of the structural model along with the one from the structural engineer, or you start throwing over board all the speed benefits from ArchiCAD and start modelling the layers of your composite seperately.

Contractors doing quantity take off through IFC will 'demand' seperate layers of building materials too.

Not sure how Revit handles this, but I doubt it will be any better.

These are real issues for BIM managers on the architect side of the table and you need to be able to stand your ground firm if you don't want to start modelling everything seperately :(

Extra options for showing 'finish / other / core' elements would be a start that would help. If you can hide the core, but still model doors / windows etc as if it is there, you can swap in the structural model perhaps.

Only IFC exporting core, finish and other layers would stop us from having to model these seperately if the contractor demanding these is also your client paying the bills!
Thanks, Erwin.

Your last suggestion is "Extra options for showing 'finish / other / core' elements would be a start that would help. If you can hide the core, but still model doors / windows etc as if it is there, you can swap in the structural model perhaps."

Is there any way to hide core elements only in AC? As far as I know, AC does not have such an option. Could give more details about the option?
I did see an interesting method pop up on a linkedin article yesterday, the whole thing is in Dutch, so I'll try to briefly outline the method descibed.

You can set up building materials to not participate in collission detection and you can export IFC to not include those building materials.

The workaround proposed there is to export several IFC files of:
1. single bits of building material where you want to have them as separate elements in IFC
2. the model without those elements (works best if you can filter out layers).

Merge all these IFCs together in solibri.

This way you can keep your composite and complex profiles with several building materials and still have them as separate bits in IFC.

I could see this work where you hotlink the 'main / master' PLN to several 'export only' PLN files where you have altered the building materials to not participate in collision detection, except the one you wish to export. Set up a publisher for quick export.

Still a workaround, but your model is much more manageable on the archicad side of things.
I wish AC and Tekla will find out better workflow between them. When it comes to IFC format, there are too many things to care about. Currently, I cannot but have RC structure parts of AC matched with ones from Tekla one by one, whenever I receive Tekla model. It doesn't make sense. Although structural engineers have already modeled every concrete structural parts perfectly, we cannot reuse the model.

Anyway, thank you. Erwin. I'll try the method
You could try importing the structural IFC and have it convert to native ArchiCAD tools. Save this as PLN/MOD and hotlink that into your model. You won't have to model these elements, but 'only' the finish / insulation layers.

Personally I prefer having composites I made myself that include the structural parts, since generally (with all respect to my structural engineering colleagues!) the structural model is very simple to reproduce with basic building material connections.

With the method described (don't export certain building materials) it is relatively easy to not send out your structural model. You could check with IFC comparison if you have made any mistakes if you need to double check the model on your end.