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I have this error on some units (PC). I know that this maybe caused by not having a correct MDID. I have the correct dev ID and MDID since it is okay on my working unit and other units too.

What are the other possible cause (and solution) to this error.
You can also check with Dependency Walker (assuming Windows see to check if you have all the dependencies (DLLs) installed. The easiest way to do that is to copy the add-on beside ARCHICAD.exe, and open that copy in Dependency Walker.
On macOS the
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otool -L [add-on-executable]
gives you a similar, though non-hierarchical list.

Best, Akos
This message is the response to every possible error loading an add-on – it would be better worded as, "something went wrong loading the add-on".

I think Ákos is right in pointing you toward checking dependencies. If another DLL your add-on is linked against is missing or an incompatible version, the add-on won't load and you get this error.