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I am trying to modify a window/door marker to read out additional parameters and show them in the marker.
eg. Fire rating or Acustic rating.
Is there such possibility?

Am i on the right path trying to use:

but I am trying it with no luck yet...
Anyone tried that?

Piotr Dobrowolski
From what I've read in your post REQUEST ("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE",[..]) will work for what you are trying to do.

The trick is to have each parameter listed and accounted for in both the Door/Window Object and the Marker Object. This allows you to pull the parameter value from the Door/Window and repeat the value in the Marker. And be sure to keep the parameter format identical in both Objects.

You could also use the "GLOB_USER_#" to pass the value between objects.
The command is tricky itself...
I tried to use it, but it did not read the parameter - I probably did something wrong ...

In GDL manual there is no example on this command...and the explanation is a bit weired ;-))
As weired as the explanation on "moving" hotspots - I figured it out by the examples only ...

So. You probably did some research on the command (I saw Your post on gdl-talk sometime ago) so maybe You would share an example with architalk :))

Ok - there is a bug in GDL manual
"REQUEST ("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE", expr, name_or_index,type, flags, dim1, dim2, values)"

- noone noticed that expr - which is for parameters name should be written in quotation marks "expr".
I have found the working example in "object marker" or "object label" so I am rewriting the "WD marker" object to read out the fire and acoustic rating - the key was:

re_fire=REQUEST ("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE", "gs_list_firerating", nameind_fr, type_fr, flag_fr, dim1_fr, dim2_fr, val_fr)
re_acou=REQUEST ("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE", "gs_list_acousticrating", nameind_ar, type_ar, flag_ar, dim1_ar, dim2_ar, val_ar)

val_fr is the value of the parameter "gs_list_firerating" in asociated door / window

Piotr Dobrowolski
You are correct. I didn't notice the GDL Manual typo because when I started using this REQUEST() command I used quotes for the object name out of habit - from using other REQUEST() commands in the past.

Is it working for you?
I have a problem with WD - marker_22. It doesn't read values out of "gs_list_firerating", "gs_list_acousticrating", "gs_list_heattransfer" or "gs_list_location". I am working on Archicad22_POL, INT has also the same problem. What is this about? Did you have the same problem?
Best regards,