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Speed/Display issues/unfamiliar error messages, crashes/hangs or any other problems regarding Archicad (Example: I get an error message when the 3D Window is generated, please help!).
Note: If your problem seems to be an Archicad error please always report it to your local reseller!

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By arhitek.ta
I have big problem. After installation of version 22, versions 19 and 21 are constantly crashing, freezing every 30 min (atomic clock is not that precise as this crashes) and unable to use. Bug report is not generetad so i dont know whats wrong. Does anyone have similar symptoms?
Nobody can offer suggestions without also knowing what operating system you use, and what hardware. But, this is not a known issue, so must be something very specific to your installation. Do you have all operating system updates and all updates to 19, 20 and 21 installed?
By arhitek.ta
We have 10 computers in network. 6 same Intel and 4 same AMD configurations. Windows 10 1803 or 1809 updates. AC 19-9001, AC 21-6013, AC 22-5009. After uninstaling of version 22 crashes stoped. So something is very wrong with version 22 when its afecting previus versions like that.
For now version 22 is only on my computer and a im experimenting with it.
Thanks. Given all that all hardware / software is up-to-date, this is very strange... and apparently very unique. Best bet is to contact your local Graphisoft technical support. Can imagine how frustrating this is for you and your team.
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By dkovacs
Hello arhitek.ta,

Have you contacted your local support team yet? That would be the most ideal way to investigate this, but if that is not possible for some reason, then I have some questions to get a clearer picture of your issue:
  • So, just to clarify I understood what we know so far: You have 10 PCs with Windows 10, and everything worked fine before installing AC22, and then AC21 and AC19 constantly crashed, but AC22 was running just fine. After that you uninstalled AC22 from all the computers (except yours) and now they all work fine again?
  • You mentioned that they keep crashing/freezing every 30 mins. Crashing and Freezing are 2 very different processes, so we would need to know which is it:
    • If it keeps crashing, but the bug reporter doesn't come up, that means it is a severe crash, and a bit harder to track down
    • If it keeps freezing, we can see what process it gets stuck in. If it actually only freezes, and then it doesn't crash, you just manually terminate the application, then it is not a crash, and the bug reporter shouldn't come up.
  • In both cases, I would need to know what processes you do just before the crash/freeze. Maybe it usually freezes when you try to select something, or when you open a different viewpoint, etc.
  • It is also important whether you mostly work in TeamWork or on Solo PLN projects. If you experience this in teamwork, please save a pln of the projects and see if you get the same issues offline.
  • Do you have some kind of proxy or office-wide firewall? It is a long-shot, but there's a process used by ARCHICAD called cURL.exe. It tries to connect to certain websites (e.g.,, etc.), and if something blocks it, it will keep trying until it succeeds. It is possible that after about 30 mins ARCHICAD will have tried to connect about 50 times, so there are 50 curl.exe processes stuck, hogging resources (like RAM, CPU, etc.). Next time you experience a freeze like this, please check the Task Manager and see if there are curl.exe processes stuck. If there are, terminate them and see if that helps (if it does, then it was because of the curl.exe).
By arhitek.ta
I can contact local support.

Update after few deys of experimenting. After uninstalling of ver 22, freezes are still present but extremly random and not freqant as with AC22 installed, its weerd.
AC dosn't crash, my mistake.
-It frezes for around 3-5 minutes and than continues to work normaly.
-Freezing accures around 45 min to 2 hour, there is no pattern.
-Freezing after using line, object, drag, copy, dimensioning, sand & receive, reserve, layout. It is totaly random.
We are working in teamwork. I didn't try to work in solo project.
There is no curl in processes. But after reading your sugestions I used Process Explorer to see whats going on and noticed that when AC freezes it's whaiting for ucrtbase.dll to do something. If that helps.
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By dkovacs

According to a quick google search, that DLL is a part of Microsoft Visual C++, so maybe there's an issue with that? I have seen an issue before caused by this, so maybe you need to reinstall/repair it? See this article, it has a link to VCRedist 2015. If you install that, it might help:

If it doesn't help, then quit every other background application too (e.g. if the virus-buster application runs a check every hour, and it gets hung-up on ARCHICAD, that can look somewhat like this).

If that doesn't help either, then please get back to me (I have a last resort).

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By sboydturner
I have had experience with antivirus software causing issues with AC. I now have set all ARCHICAD related folders and processes to be ignored by my antivirus software and no longer have issues.

By arhitek.ta
I have tried that and it's almost the same. I don't know what happend but it's freezing a lot less. May be some windows update. I don't know.
It still freezes but only 2-3 times a day.