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By mbl
I am having troubles with the text tool in Archicad 20, or to be concrete how it behaves in my main file when linked from a module file.

The problem is that it does not show "strikethrough" formatting in the main file. Everything else seems to work (bold, italic, etc.).

It is an issue for us (I might even say "a major bug"), since we use strike-through to indicate when something is not final and should not be used for production.
Without the strike-through it may cause that the contractor will consider it as a final version.

Is it just me or is the text formatting quite buggy? E.g. my earlier post: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=66088

I have tried in both ARCHICAD 20 and 22 with an Arial textbox, and the strikethrough formatting transferred to the host file just fine.

I have found reports from before about that strikethrough doesn't export to DWG format, though (maybe you meant that?). That is because when text handling was implemented into the translators, there was no strikethrough formatting for MTEXT, and since it has been introduced, no one complained about it missing, so it was never implemented. I let our developers know about this now.

By muhku

Just encountered this problem also, but in dwg export as you specified above. I was modifying an old autocad file in Archicad 22, then exporting it to dwg and importing as drawing to the master file so it doesn't get cluttered up with attributes (it's just faster&easier to do this in Archicad than in the new autocad versions :P)

We use strike through in renovation floor plans to indicate which rooms will be converted to a different use (or removed) so yeah, it's better if that shows up correctly in the dwg exports. Guess I'll have to just draw lines across the labels...