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By mukster
Using Archicad 21 on a MAC platform. The problem I'm having is the dimensions for the different columns are all different. We have width showing up as decimal feet, thickness as fractional inches, length in decimal feet. We need the width to show up as fractional inches, but have no idea how to fix the callouts.
By archla22
I have the same problem. I cannot show the width column as fractional inches. I've changed working units and "dimensioning" to fractional inches, but no matter what I do, the width is always in decimal feet. The height will change to fractional inches and if I choose the column that has the height and width in the same column, it will show fractional inches. I think this is a bug?!
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By Barry Kelly
I don’t have Archicad with me at the moment, so I can’t confirm.
But I think some schedule values use the working units and others use the calculation units.