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We've got a 2-stage project that requires very similar grids in Stage 1 to be implemented in Stage 2.
Stage 2 is a MIRRORED COPY of Stage 1. the only difference is that the grids in Stage 1 are also mirrored, but the numbering needs to continue to Stage 2. Please refer to pics attached.

Grids at Right-hand side are stage 1 (5-1), & the ones to the left (10-6) are stage 2. to maintain the integrity of the grids there are 2 types of numbers for each of the Vertical element -- one being the typical grid numbering AND adding a separate number using the Element ID. Stage 2 grids 10-6 have the Element ID & the numbers are using the Label tool to call out the Element ID along with an Opaque background fill to hide the Stage 1 grid numbers.

This, little work-around unfortunately only works in plan.

The second screenshot is a Section view of both Stage 1 & 2 grids. You'll notice that the labels have called out "Grid1", the default Element ID for the Grid Tool, & NOT the custom Element ID. Why? The settings even have the Classification & Properties tab greyed out, unable to be opened.

The Stage 1 grids have been created in one a separate file, moduled into a Site File, and the Stage 2 grids are a Mirrored copy of the Stage 1 ones. both screenshots are taken from the Site File.
190408 Grid Query 1.jpg
Plan View
190408 Grid Query 2.jpg
Section View
Hi, It is grey out because the classification of grids only works on a plan view.
On your section label showing Grid 1, select the label and go to its settings.

Under Symbol Label custom settings> General settings> Arrange content> change the ID to Custom Text.

I recommend not to use this process because a grid should be a grid and its label should be coming from it and not a label tool. If your project has 2 stage with a mirrored design, you can have your module as it is but place your grids on the site file instead.

Hope it helps. :)
gave up on the Marker heads as labels.

found a better solution:
2 grid systems.
1 system showing just the grid lines & is modelled in the Module files. the other system is modelled in The General File showing just the grid marker heads:

in the module file, we show grids WITHOUT the marker heads, just the lines. this is so we can retain the dimensions, module them out into both the non-mirrored Stage 1 & mirrored Stage 2 in the General File. markers are hidden in both the plan view & the section/elevation views.

the grid markers are not created in the module file, but in the General File. they are not moduled, but they align with the moduled Grid Lines from the building file & mirrored for Stage 2 with the unique continuous numbers for both stages. the lines for these are hidden in both Plan views & Section/Elevation views. just in case we're dimensioning within the General File, i've left a gap of 300mm between the end of the Grid Line (system 1) & the hotspot for the Grid Marker (system 2) to ensure that the dimension tags the Grid line & NOT the Grid Marker Head.

i hope that makes sense.