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By Khamal
Hello, i would like to help me with a problem that i face. I am using AC 22 student version. When i run the application it starts after 10-15 minutes. I had the same problem with AC 21. Any solution for this problem? I have istalled the program after i have disconnected my pc from internet and turn off my antivirus. Also i am using Lenovo Y520 with i7 7700HQ,16G ram, 128 SSD M2, NVIDIA 1060 Max Q, so i guess my hardware is not the problem.
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By dkovacs

If you are using the Student version, the first thing to be aware of is that there is a disclaimer coming up (notifying you about the student version). Until you click on that disclaimer the startup process won't progress further.

If that is not the problem, and ARCHICAD freezes at the welcome screen (when you see a picture of the signature building of the current version), then it is probably a problem with the license.

There are 2 very common issues I can think of in this case:
  • Your ARCHICAD is looking for a full license key on your computer and over your network, but it can't find one, so it keeps searching for a long time. In this case you should contact your local reseller for further instructions, because it is kind of a complex process.
  • There is a component called curl.exe. ARCHICAD uses this component to communicate with several online services. If something blocks this process (a firewall, or another process), it may cause ARCHICAD to freeze until it manages to make the connection. In this case, Just open the Task Manager on Windows (ctrl+alt+del>Task Manager), and end the curl.exe process manually. After that ARCHICAD should open immediately.
I hope that the above helps, but definitely contact your local reseller for further instructions in any case. They should be able to help you with where to look next.