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I'm currently working on a renovation project and I'm using renovation filters for the first time really. I've set a transparent fill to show elements that should be demolished and it works as it is supposed to on plan view. Here's a screenshot:

As you can see there are demolished elements in transparent yellow and there are new elements that are visible beneath them. But that's not the case in Sections:

Although there's a difference here... As you can see the demolished slab is covering the curtain wall frames as it is not a transparent fill. I would like to be able to see through the demolished slab as it is a ghost, since it's not existent anymore. How to make it work?

Here are my graphic override rules:

Turning transparent fill on and off in Renovation filter options doesn't make any difference other than switching the yellow fill to non-transparent white.
I think the problem, or should I say, limitation here lies in the fact that the Floor Plan is a symbolic representation so there the transparent fill background can show what is behind it.
However, Sections are generated from the 3D model, so first the model is generated (in which phase, the program calculates that those line segments of the Curtain Wall view are not visible so it does not show them), and them the graphics of the elements are overridden.

Improvements could be made in displaying elements covered by other elements in 3D Viewpoints. You could make a wish for that in the Wish section. If you do, please post its link here.

Until then, I think your best bet is to draw those missing lines by hand in Section.
But Archicad has a transparency function that makes it possible to see through transparent elements lets say glass. Apparently it's not possible to see uncut elements through transparent cut element in section view, but then all this is possible in plan view. Weird. I've already drawn the missing parts with polylines, but it was frustrating. I'm finding quite a lot of limitations with renovation filters, certainly an area that needs improving in order to make it more effective.
Yes, it is sometimes frustrating that ARCHICAD is not always consistent, and one feature works differently in different Viewpoint types.