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By Steven Dumont

We've just barely discovered the option to turn on global illumination in our BimX models. I really changes the way the model looks, for the better.

Some sample BimX models I have seen have GI turned on by default. I have to enter the BimX, go into settings and turn it on from the default "headlight".

How do you set GI as a default??

The help memu states;

When the hyper-model is exported from ARCHICAD Headlight render mode will be set by default if there is no Global Illumination (GI) and the model will open with this render mode. If GI is set in ARCHICAD for the model, then Global Illumination render mode will be selected when the model is opened for viewing.

I don't understand where to set GI in the ArchiCAD model itself. Any help?

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By Barry Kelly
Steven Dumont wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 7:03 pm
I don't understand where to set GI in the ArchiCAD model itself. Any help?
It is in the options when you publish the BIMx model.

If you already have an existing publisher set, then select the 3D model inthe list (not the layouts) and go to the options.

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By Steven Dumont
Hi Barry,

I see that setting, and I've done that, but when I open the BimX file it does not default to the Global Illumination rendering mode. The default is still Headlight.

The help menu says you can have it default to GI, and I've opened other models with that as default.
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By Steven Dumont
This doesn't seem to work. What am I missing?
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